Letter From the Founder

Ever since I was young, I dreamt of creating my own fashion line. I loved drawing and “designing” beautiful clothes, and turned my pristine notebook into a vivacious sketch-laden playground. 

As I dove deeper into the fashion world throughout the years, I was hit with a harsh truth about the industry I loved — it was a nightmare for the earth, and for the workers making the clothes. I was shocked to learn about how fashion, a vehicle for style and self-expression, could cause such damage to the world I love and the people who inhabit it. It became a big internal struggle for me. 

So I became an advocate for sustainable fashion to help spread awareness. Instead of just sharing stylish tips, I wanted to push the conscious fashion movement forward. 

This all got me thinking of another crazy reality in the fashion industry: If nearly half of U.S. women are 5'4" and under (like me), why is standard women’s clothing mostly made for women taller than that? 

It made no sense to me (and still doesn't!). I racked my brain and pointed out the two obvious issues I have with the industry: 1) It’s hard to find stylish clothing that fits my petite frame, and 2) If I find a petite clothing piece that I like, it’s oftentimes not sustainably and ethically made, and vice versa. Like, what the heck, fashion industry? 

It was as I was having my tailor measure and pin a dress (one of the many I needed to have altered to actually fit) when my big aha! moment hit me - Wouldn’t it be game-changing to have sustainably-made clothing for petites? And thus, Unseam the Label™ was born. 

All of this somehow led me to where I am now - a conscious, petite woman with a dream to once again create a fashion line...only this time it's with a greater purposeto fill a void in the market for modern apparel made specifically for petites who give a damn about the people and the planet

And it's all happening now. Thank you for believing in this brand and all that we stand for. You make this brand possible and help bring it to life. 

To notebooks filled with dreams and endless possibilities, 
Diana | Founder of Unseam the Label™