How We're Different

Our Philosophy | Styles made to fit, love, and last. 

We thoughtfully engineer each style with our petite community’s needs in mind, and fit-test our physical samples on petite models, adjusting and re-making them until we perfected the design, function and fit. 

We’ve also disrupted the old way of apparel development, which normally requires multiple rounds of patterning and physical sampling. Instead, we worked with a 3D apparel prototyper for the initial patterns in the premier collection and used a real-life petite's height and body measurements to ensure that our styles would better fit a woman 5'4" and under. 

Petite Proportions 

There are major fit differences when it comes to standard vs. petite clothing. We focus on developing modern styles with petite proportions and fit. 
This means no more dresses, skirts, tops, and bottoms that are too long, sleeves that are too long or that start way past your shoulders, excess fabric in the torso area, armholes that are too large and show your undergarments, hems that drag - and no more needing to get your clothes altered by the tailor. 

We also incorporate style elements (such as slits on dresses and high-waisted designs), that help make our clothes look good on a petite frame. 

Consciously Designed 

We believe in designing for sustainability. Nearly 80% of a product’s eco-impact is influenced by the design process and materials used. With this in mind, we set out to address petite women’s biggest fashion pain-points while working towards a consciously better fashion standard. 

We use responsibly-sourced materials whenever possible. Our goods are low impact and made primarily of eco-friendly fabrics, such as TENCEL™. We use sustainable notions and trims when we can, even though they’re harder to find. For example, we source zippers with fabric made out of REPREVE, which is spun from post-consumer plastic bottles.

The little details add up, so we make sure our labels, hang-tags, and packaging are also eco-friendly. This includes mailers made from 100% recycled and compostable/biodegradable paper, certified home compostable poly-bags (made from corn starch), and hang-tags and brand labels made of 100% recycled content. 

A sustainable company’s work is never done. The industry is ever-improving with new technologies, and we strive everyday to stay up to speed. Our shoppers are also our teachers – if you have thoughts on how we can improve, drop us a line

Ethically Manufactured 

We proudly cut-and-sew each piece at an ethical USA factory that ensures their garment workers, the real MPVs, receive competitive pay, essential rights, and fair working conditions. The factory owner was a sewer himself in the past, so he truly understands the work and values his workers. We’re honored to invest in local production, which allows for more transparency, better quality assurance, and easier collaboration amongst our team. 

We put intention behind every thread and stitch. From sourcing sustainable materials to empowering U.S. workers, we’re keeping the greater good in mind. And when you wear an Unseam the Label ® piece, you'll see and feel the difference.