Whether it's Spring or Fall, it's always a good idea to give your closet a deep clean. Keep in mind that a sustainable closet is one where you’ll wear the pieces over and over again. So today, I’m sharing my top tips to spring clean your closet sustainably. Let’s get to it, girls! 

How to get started.

First things first: you have to be in the mood. Set aside a chunk of time and put on some fun music. A little pre-cleaning dance party never killed anyone. Once you’re warmed up, go through one clothing section at a time. Begin by simply categorizing your clothes into keep, maybe, repurpose, and the ever important sell/donate piles. 

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We asked you all a couple of weeks ago to design our next collection with us. And wow, we received over 120 ideas from you petite queens who wrote in and provided your input on what styles you really need in your closet. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! 

We read through each and every email, DM, and social media comment, and have put together a good ol’ list to share with you of the most highly-requested styles. We can’t promise that we’ll be creating all of these styles for our 2nd release, but we’ll definitely keep them in mind as we do our planning. Check out that list below.
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Heyo petite queens, 

Sharing a quick update with you on what’s happening in the Unseam the Label world. 

In our last update, I talked about why we opted for 3D prototyping and how we used the patterns based on the renderings to ensure fit for petites. Many of you showed so much excitement and sent us encouraging words over that update - you sure know how to tug at our heartstrings. 

Since then, we partnered with an amazing sample-maker (stay tuned for a whole other story on that later) and started on some GORGEOUS style samples, which we’ll give you sneak peeks of soon (woo hoo!). 

We’re at a point where we need to test the fit of each style sample on a petite fit model to perfect the pieces, but won’t be doing so at the moment. While we wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to clear up and adhere to the CDC’s safety guidelines on social distancing, we’re temporarily putting style development on hold. 

But I’m going to deal it to you straight - this isn’t just another COVID-19 update from another brand. During this season of uncertainty, continuing to show up, staying connected, and staying in(spired) is so important to us. 
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Simple concept: Knowing your body's measurements and making sure each purchase is going to fit just right will lead to less money wasted and fewer returns. Period.

As I’ve discussed in a previous blog post, in which we defined what ‘petite’ means to us, knowing how proportional clothing fits along with the right elements of style is critical for us petite gals. A simple tuck and a shorter hem can make all the difference.

But in order to truly get the perfect fit, you need to be 100% sure of your measurements. Since clothing sizes vary SO widely in the fashion industry, going with your measurements is sure to get you the best results possible.

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I know what some of you may be thinking when it comes to purchasing from a sustainable fashion brand: "It's way too expensive!" 

I totally get it, because I used to almost solely purchase from fast fashion brands, and cost was a HUGE driving factor for me too. That was before I faced the harsh truths of the fashion industry and started to understand what the true costs were, when purchasing from a fast fashion brand vs. a sustainable one. 
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