I’m a huge believer that the journey is just as important as the destination. And while the past couple of months have flown by at lightning speed as we finalized our 1st collection styles and geared up for next steps (preparing for our crowdfunding campaign), I took some time to reflect on this journey - from conception all the way up to the present. 

Here’s a recap of all that’s happened up to now (+ our plans as we gear up for launch)

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When I first started envisioning what this brand will stand for, I decided that we will be the modern apparel brand for conscious, petite women who care about the people and planet. Now that we’re drawing near to the launch of our debut collection, we want to hold up our promise and raise one of our core pillars of transparency proudly. There’s no better way to do that than to give you a sneak peek as to how we mean business, no matter how small the impact

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Coco Chanel wasn’t just a legendary icon for the clothes she produced, but for her insights, which shaped the fashion industry for everyone. She spilled the secret on how to take your outfit to the next level: proportions. And for you, my petite tribe, this. means. everything

Ladies, I present to you: The Rule of Thirds. 

Think of the Rule as a guideline to help you dress your best, especially when it comes to petite fashion. Also known as the Golden Mean Ratio, it is a balance of proportions that we find aesthetically pleasing, applying to mathematics, architecture, photography and even fashion. 

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Hey now ladies - Remember when we revealed what we’re creating for our premier collection and shared why we opted for 3D prototyping? To recap (since it’s been a while that we’ve shared our collection development progress, with the slow-downs from COVID-19 and all), we asked what style elements you were dying to see so we can incorporate the biggest requests into the styles themselves. Let’s take a look. 

On the Topic of Pockets 

We heard back from so many of you that pockets were a must. And honestly, we couldn’t agree more! I’m happy to let you know that we will most definitely have front pockets on our classic paperbag waist pants, AND front/back pockets on our sleeveless jumpsuit. Because where else would you stash your lipstick on the go? 

Belt It Out, Girl 

Three words that will change your life: Belts. Accentuate. Waistlines. We are happy to report that both our pants and jumpsuit come with a belt as well. The tie-belt is built into our pant waistband for easy accenture, and the jumpsuit tie-belt is completely removable. It’s time to do away with awkward-looking belt loops once and for all. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming

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Psst... This is Part 3 of our Closet Clean-Out series. So before you dive in, take a few minutes to read Part 1: How to Spring Clean Your Closet Sustainably, and Part 2: How To Responsibly Recycle the Clothes You Just Don’t Want Anymore

We all know the benefits of an organized closet — even if we can’t seem to stay on top of keeping it that way. An organized closet helps you put outfits together easily, and helps you make sure you’re wearing pieces you haven’t worn in awhile. 

Not to mention that contented sigh of relief you breathe every time you open your closet door. Ahhh. 

The absolute first thing you need to do when organizing your closet is a simple two-step closet assessment.

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