Why We’re Crowdfunding Our 1st Launch on Kickstarter (+ How to Pre-Order Our Premier Collection Styles)

Why We’re Crowdfunding Our 1st Launch on Kickstarter (+ How to Pre-Order Our Premier Collection Styles)

Heyo, Diana here (founder of Unseam the Label) to share some exciting updates about our launch

After nearly a year of style development work and talking with countless petite women about their fashion pain-points, I’ve made the initial investment in designing 3 modern pieces that flatter petite proportions. We have our eco-friendly fabrics sourced, initial prototypes made, and final style samples perfected. 

We’re now on the next part of our journey, which includes preparing for our 1st crowdfunding campaign.

What’s Kickstarter and why are you crowdfunding your 1st launch? 

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps bring creative projects (and launches) to life. The campaign creator sets a funding goal, and if people like the rewards offered (in our case, the rewards would be the 3 styles from my premier collection), they can ‘back’ the campaign by pre-ordering the rewards.

Because Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, the campaign either gets 100% funded or doesn't get funded at all. The backer would only get charged for the pre-order if the campaign gets funded. 

We’re launching the premier collection through Kickstarter and collecting pre-orders to prevent overproduction (which ultimately reduces waste), limiting what's produced to what’s actually in demand, by you.

It’ll also help to fund our initial production run and provide a platform to tell our story from conception to production, giving you more insight on why I’m creating this brand in the first place (which, in short, is to provide modern, sustainable, and ethical clothing that actually fits your petite frame).

The more we raise and the sooner we meet our funding goal, the sooner we can go into production and deliver our pieces to you! 

How you can easily pre-order our styles at exclusive Kickstarter prices 

As one of our early supporters, we’re offering you limited-time discounts at special Kickstarter prices (discounts at this level won’t be given out again for a while after the campaign ends). 

Here’s how you can pre-order at a discounted rate and be one of the 1st to wear our styles

  1. Sign up for our email list here! We’ll email you a link to our crowdfunding campaign when it launches (and remind you before that of the launch date). Look out for an email with the subject line, “We’re live! 🎉🎉🎉”

  2. Once launched, you select a ‘reward’ - essentially the product(s) you’d like to pre-order - and click the “Pledge” button. 

  3. You then add your payment info. Your credit card won’t be charged until the end of the 30-day campaign, given that we meet our funding goal. 

  4. Upon being successfully funded and after the campaign ends, we’ll send out a form to collect info on your color preference and size(s) of the item(s) you pre-ordered, and to collect your shipping address. 

  5. We’ll produce and deliver your goods by the estimated delivery date listed on the campaign and keep you updated along the way! 

Other than the Kickstarter discounts, we’re offering limited time early-bird rewards to pre-order each style at ~20% off retail, and ~25% off if you pre-order all three! The Early Bird specials will only last for 48 hours upon launch, and have '(Early Bird)' in the reward title.

After the 48 hours have passed, the discount goes down to the Kickstarter special of ~15% for each style and ~20% off if you pre-order all three. We don't want you to miss out on these deals, so make sure you’re
signed up to our email list and have our launch date on your calendar once that's announced, so you’re notified right when we launch.

Thanks for believing in us when Unseam the Label was merely an idea, I’m truly so grateful for each and every one of you. With your support, we’re ready to bring our petite clothes to life and find them a home in your closet. We anticipate launching very soon (this month!), and we hope you come along with us for this new journey too.

With excitement and gratitude, 

P.S. - Remember to sign up here to be the 1st to know when we launch!