The Golden Rule of Petite Fashion? Look No Further.

The Golden Rule of Petite Fashion? Look No Further.

Coco Chanel wasn’t just a legendary icon for the clothes she produced, but for her insights, which shaped the fashion industry for everyone. She spilled the secret on how to take your outfit to the next level: proportions. And for you, my petite tribe, this. means. everything

Ladies, I present to you: The Rule of Thirds. 

Think of the Rule as a guideline to help you dress your best, especially when it comes to petite fashion. Also known as the Golden Mean Ratio, it is a balance of proportions that we find aesthetically pleasing, applying to mathematics, architecture, photography and even fashion. 

Quick history lesson: The ancient Greeks claimed that ⅓ to ⅔ ratios are the most aesthetically pleasing divisions, because they create interesting visuals. Photographers use this ratio as a guideline to compose their photographs, and it even appears in renowned architecture such as the Eiffel Tower (which is visually divided into ⅔ at the top and ⅓ at the bottom). 

It works the same in fashion - simply divide your overall look into thirds, using the length of your body from your shoulder to your heels. The thirds are essentially your shoulder to natural waist, natural waist to knee, and knee to foot. Tada! 

Now that we’ve divided you into three lovely pieces, here are some pro-tips for rocking your Rule of Thirds:

  1. Avoid wearing two clothing pieces that are the same length, because that creates a ½ to ½ ratio. Instead, opt to build an outfit with a shorter top and a longer bottom. This should appear as ⅓ for the top part of your body and ⅔ for the lower portion.
  2. Elongate your legs by wearing high-waisted pants, skirts, or shorts that fit around your natural waistline. Bonus: these are great at concealing a muffin top!
  3. Tuck longer shirts into your bottoms for a more proportionate look.
  4. Make a point of your ⅓ line by throwing on a belt to define your natural waistline.
  5. Look for a shorter bodice on dresses and jumpsuits.

Overall, pay close attention to the length of a clothing piece and where the sleeves, hem, and waistline fall on your body. Trust me, you’ll be rocking all three thirds in no time!

Your fellow Golden Rule follower,

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