There have been several people who’ve asked us whether or not they can still wear Unseam the Label styles even if they aren’t exactly 5’4” and under. The short answer: yes! (Pun intended.) 

In today’s fashion industry, the word "petite" refers to sizing and proportions specific to women who are 5'4" and under. But when it really comes down to it, it’s all about YOUR body proportions. 
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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing: our bodies change to fit a new human, your family is growing to add another little life into this world, and honestly, there are just so many cute baby clothes to dress your newborn. Shopping for you, a petite lady, on the other hand, can be a bit tricky. It’s already difficult to find maternity clothing that fits your style - but it can be even harder to find maternity clothing that fits our petite frames without looking like a circus balloon. 

Finding the right petite maternity clothing is no easy feat. I mean, I guess I should say for petite women, it is never easy to find clothing of the right petite size that fits and flatters, even before your pregnancy. We want to feel comfortable and find clothes that fit our changing (and already hard to shop for) bodies, but you don’t want to be left with clothes you won’t wear after, either! So what do we do? 

You already know we love some good pro tips - here is how to avoid a monsoon of clothes post-pregnancy and how to find just the right ‘fits for your not-so-petite (or growing) bump.
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Hellooo Spring. 

It’s been a cold and trying winter where we are, but alas, it’s the time of year to pack away the thick leggings and wool sweaters we’ve grown so accustomed to and bring out one of our favorite, cheery pieces: Dresses. 

What’s a better way to celebrate the warming temps than with a proportioned, expressive dress? Although we love a good outfit switch up, reorganizing and glamming up our closets can be a pain to fit the new season. Things may fit a little differently after 3 months of hanging out at home, and what’s worse, shops and retailers can’t seem to size a petite’s dress properly in the first place. What a bummer before the summer. 

Just like how an iced coffee can completely save almost any situation, we got you with our Guide to Buying Dresses: Petite Edition
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We all know that hand-washing is all the rage right now (thanks, COVID), but let’s talk about the cooler, better dressed version: hand-washing your clothes. Hand-washing increases the longevity of fabrics by preserving fibers and detailing and can completely cut down your carbon footprint. So why aren’t we doing it more? 

It’s no surprise that doing your laundry uses a ton of resources (water, energy, and heat) that can harm the environment and your wallet. Some of the older machines use up to 40 gallons of water per load and can tack on extra costs to your utility bill, making your carbon footprint sky rocket after just one wash. Although it may be seen as a taxing chore, there are so many ways to greenify your water and energy use -- hand-washing being one of the best. 

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