Whether it's Spring or Fall, it's always a good idea to give your closet a deep clean. Keep in mind that a sustainable closet is one where you’ll wear the pieces over and over again. So today, I’m sharing my top tips to spring clean your closet sustainably. Let’s get to it, girls! 

How to get started.

First things first: you have to be in the mood. Set aside a chunk of time and put on some fun music. A little pre-cleaning dance party never killed anyone. Once you’re warmed up, go through one clothing section at a time. Begin by simply categorizing your clothes into keep, maybe, repurpose, and the ever important sell/donate piles. 

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I know what some of you may be thinking when it comes to purchasing from a sustainable fashion brand: "It's way too expensive!" 

I totally get it, because I used to almost solely purchase from fast fashion brands, and cost was a HUGE driving factor for me too. That was before I faced the harsh truths of the fashion industry and started to understand what the true costs were, when purchasing from a fast fashion brand vs. a sustainable one. 
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Want to become a more conscious shopper?

Maybe you're unsatisfied and overwhelmed about the clothes in your closet. You have a mountain of clothes that you've purchased over the years, yet, ironically, you often feel that you have nothing to wear. Or maybe you're starting your sustainable fashion journey and desire to be more thoughtful towards the people and planet when it comes to your fashion purchases. 

Well we have just the thing for you, petite queen.
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We know, doing laundry can be a snooze-fest. But, you know what? Your laundry routine has a huge impact on the environment, and not to mention, your health, closet, and wallet.

Check out our guest post on the DoneGood blog, featuring 3 green laundry tips that'll help you take steps toward a cleaner environment and a healthier you.

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