New Year’s Resolution: Become a More Conscious Shopper in 2020

Happy New Year!

Want to become a more conscious shopper in 2020? 

Maybe you're unsatisfied and overwhelmed about the clothes in your closet. You have a mountain of clothes that you've purchased over the years, yet, ironically, you often feel that you have nothing to wear. Or maybe you're starting your sustainable fashion journey and desire to be more thoughtful towards the people and planet when it comes to your fashion purchases. 

Well we have just the thing for you, petite queen.

I created this free Conscious Shopping Checklist to help you get one step closer to a curated closet filled only with pieces you love and will want to wear year after year.

If you’re on our mailing list, we already sent this checklist straight to your inbox. Otherwise, click here to get your free copy and resolve to become a more conscious shopper this year. 

P.S. — I highly recommend saving it to your phone so you can keep it on-hand for the next time you're considering a new purchase!