My Narrative: How It All Started

My Narrative: How It All Started
Back when I was 11 years old, when dreams about the future and the endless possibilities that it holds start to creep in, I dreamt of creating my own fashion line. I loved drawing and “designing” beautiful clothes, and turned my pristine notebook into a vivacious sketch-laden playground.

But as I got a little older, the dream of having my very own fashion line that was brought to life from my imagination slowly diminished, as my parents constantly stressed the importance of a “stable” job — nearly every night at the dinner table.

Careers in medicine, law, and business, they would say, would provide me with such stability. I saw a glimmer of truth in their words, and like a good daughter, took the business route in college, becoming a marketer post-graduation. Because parents usually know best, and fashion is really just a pipedream...

But my love of fashion never swayed. My 11-year-old self was still in there, passionately craving a creative outlet. I did what any clothes-loving gal does in this generation: I started blogging about it and put the outfits I created online.

As I became more and more invested in my passion project, it led me to dive a little deeper into the fashion industry. I started attending events to learn more and was soon hit with a harsh truth about the industry I loved — it was a nightmare for the earth, and for the workers making the clothes. I was shocked to learn about how fashion, a vehicle for style and self-expression, could cause such damage to the world I love and the people who inhabit it. It became a big internal struggle for me.

So, I began to make more conscious decisions and found the courage to convert my blog into one that supports sustainable fashion. Instead of just sharing stylish tips, I wanted to help spread awareness and push the conscious fashion movement forward. 

(Let me hit you with this: Did you know that it takes up to 2,700 liters of water to produce ONE t-shirt? That’s how much we normally drink in 2.5 YEARS! Crazy!)

Which got me thinking of another crazy reality in the fashion industry: If over 54% of U.S. women are under 5’5” (like me), why is standard women’s clothing mostly made for women between 5’5” and 5’8”?

It made no sense to me (and still doesn't!). As a conscious, petite woman, I racked my brain and pointed out the two obvious issues I have with the industry: 1) It’s hard to find stylish clothing that fits my petite frame, and 2) If I find a petite clothing piece that I like, it’s oftentimes not sustainably and ethically made, and vice versa. Like, what the heck, fashion industry?

It was as I was having my tailor measure and pin a dress (one of the many I needed to have altered to actually fit) when my big AHA! moment hit me - Wouldn’t it be game-changing to have ethically-made clothing for conscious, petite women? Wouldn’t it be incredible to not have to choose between something that fits or something that is ethically made? And thus, Unseam the Label was born.

All of this somehow led me to where I am now, a conscious petite woman with a dream to once again create a fashion line...only this time it is with a greater purpose: to fill a void in the market for modern apparel made specifically for petites who give a damn about the people and the planet.

And it's all happening now. Before you know it, Unseam the Label will be available to all the conscious petites out there. 

My 11-year-old self would be so psyched right now.

Our first-ever collection will be composed of stylish and sustainable wardrobe solutions with modern silhouettes that address the common fit and length issues faced by petite women. We’re on a mission to empower conscious, petite women to look good, feel good, and do good. Because why choose between ethics and style?

It's unchartered territory, but we're into it. We hope you will be too.

To notebooks filled with dreams and endless possibilities,
Diana | Founder of Unseam the Label

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