How To Measure For Fit As a Petite Woman

How To Measure For Fit As a Petite Woman

Simple concept: Knowing your body's measurements and making sure each purchase is going to fit just right will lead to less money wasted and fewer returns. Period.

As I’ve discussed in a previous blog post, in which we defined what ‘petite’ means to us, knowing how proportional clothing fits along with the right elements of style is critical for us petite gals. A simple tuck and a shorter hem can make all the difference. 

But in order to truly get the perfect fit, you need to be 100% sure of your measurements. Since clothing sizes vary SO widely in the fashion industry, going with your measurements is sure to get you the best results possible.

Not sure how to navigate the perfect fit?

Grab your tape measure, your flattering full-length mirror, and let me break it down for you.

Taking Measurements for Petite Women. 

Bust: Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust, below your underarms, around your shoulder blades, and back to the front to get the measurement. Make sure that sneaky tape measure hasn’t slipped down the back! Pull it snug and tight, but not too tight. 

(Natural) Waist: Straighten up and use the tape to circle your waist (like you would for that vintage belt you just bought) at your natural waistline. Pro Tip: If you bend at the waist to one side, the crease that forms is your natural waistline. Start there, then wrap the tape measure around until it is overlapping where you started. The point of overlap is your measurement!

Hips: Stand naturally with your heels together and measure around your hips at the fullest part. Do your best to keep it level, as that is going to be your biggest challenge with this measurement. 

Inseam: Measure the distance from the very top of the inside of your thigh to the bottom of your ankle bone, right where the bottom hem should be. For petite women, this is an important measurement - as it can be the difference between the perfect fit or stumbling down a flight of stairs because your heel caught the hemline of your pants (No joke. This has happened to me before).

Rise: And last but certainly not least, measure the tip of the waistband to the crotch seam. Depending on how you like to wear your pants, this might be higher for some people than for others.

What to do with your measurements while shopping. 

Compare your measurements to the brand’s sizing chart and fit details for each piece (your typical "runs small" comment). Online stores always have a sizing chart, and some might even have one specifically for petites. If all else fails, you can usually contact the brand's friendly neighborhood customer support to get help on proper sizing.

As a petite woman - you might still struggle to find the perfect fit, but knowing your measurements will help you get as close as possible. You may still need alterations, but this should hopefully keep those to a minimum.

Now that you know your proper measurements, you can get out there and experience the life of properly fitted clothing - mostly. You will for sure when our premier collection launches. It's going to be a game-changer.

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