Day to Night: Transforming Premier Collection Staples & Other Easy Tips

Day to Night: Transforming Premier Collection Staples & Other Easy Tips

Once upon a time, us women would get dolled up to run errands or head into the office, hit up a quick happy hour and dinner, head home, then lather, rinse, repeat. Having a versatile ‘fit that could take you from day to night was ideal for the modern woman.

Now, nearly post-quarantine, you’re lucky to get out of the sweatpants you started wearing on Sunday. 

But fret not - there is hope on the horizon! This time of working from home for some of us, and straight up not caring how we dress (guilty), is starting to near the end. One by one, we’re venturing back into the world and taking our favorite out-and-about clothes with us! 

At Unseam the Label, we’re striving to make this transition back into the real world easy for you. A few staple items from our premier collection are quite literally built for the on-the-go petite lady, so we've created an ensemble of ways to make your mornings quick and your nights last. 

Premier Collection Staples.

The Stella Dress //

A black and navy, petite-friendly maxi dress for day AND night? It’s a no brainer. The chic slit down the legs will not only elongate your petite frame, but is short enough to be work-appropriate. Better yet, the TENCEL™ modal-micro fabric is wrinkle-resistant (we see you, desk chairs) so you can effortlessly go from the office to the patio for happy hour. 

Hot Tip: Do you love the comfort of a slinky dress like this, but hate when you start to see a belly bulge? We’ve been there. For days when we’re feeling a little bloated or know we’re going to be doing some heavy eating, our trick is to tie a cardigan or jacket around the waist of the dress for a casual-chic look that also hides the unwanted belly bulge. ;) 

The Natalie Jumpsuit //

Jumpsuits are truly for on-the-move gals, offering the comfortability of a dress and the structure of a pant suit. Available in the colors light pink and sage, The Natalie Jumpsuit exudes a feminine vibe fitting for a daily romp around town or for hitting the town.

Wear it with a light denim jacket for a more casual look in the day, and switch it out for a midi duster or moto jacket  for an edgier look at night. 

For this jumpsuit, however, the truth is in the details: the belt is removable with no awkward loops in sight, the pockets (yes, pockets!) have a 100% recycled post-consumer polyester lining, and even the zipper fabric is made out of REPREVE (100% recycled post-consumer water bottles). Saving the planet while stuntin’? Hundo %. 

The Emma Pants //

Our honest opinion: Paperbag pants are basically the classier version of leggings. The Emma Pants are high-waisted (hello, Rule of Thirds), have an elastic waistband for extra comfort, come with a built-in belt tie, and are available in dark green and black to match any top in your closet.

Wear a more casual top in the day, and swap it out for a chic blouse in the evening. Whether you’re tucking in a button down or a body suit, these pants accentuate and elongate the best features of your frame day and night. 

Also, a quick shoutout to eco-friendly TENCEL™ lyocell for being a wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking fabric, so us petites can look and feel good in them 24/7. 

Easy Hair, Makeup and Accessory Swaps.

Hair & Face //

New motto: there’s not much a spritz of dry shampoo can’t fix.

Before heading out for the night, freshen up your locks with a quick spray and either leave your hair down or throw up in a ballerina bun for some sleek vibes. 

As someone who loves a natural makeup look at work, adding another wisp of mascara, a smoldery eyeshadow, or a vibrant lip can do wonders to glam up for the evening. 

Bonus: so easy to throw in your bag before heading out for the day! 

Accessories //

One of the things we love most about our premier collection is the use of belts. For a monochromatic cinch, keep the belt that came with The Natalie Jumpsuit on. For an edgier look, feel free to mix in a metallic or sparkly belt to break up the outfit. Just remember to not get too bulky! 

The easiest swap for day to night? Shoes! As petites, we have the luxury to step it up (literally) with either stilettos or heels for all nightly activities. Legs for days? You bet. 

P.S. - Day-to-night looks shouldn’t include bringing your entire closet with you throughout the day, or really, require that much thought. Enjoy your newfound freedom with versatile looks from the premier collection - available now, but only in limited quantities. 

P.S.S. - What are your favorite pieces to transform from day-to-night? Hit us up on the ‘gram at @unseamthelabel and let us know!