Behind the Seams: Why We Opted for 3D Prototyping For Our Initial Styles

Behind the Seams: Why We Opted for 3D Prototyping For Our Initial Styles

Petite queens - The stream of holidays may be long over now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give you the gift of sneak peeks. 

I’m sharing exclusive partial snapshots today in the form of 3D prototypes of the styles in our premier collection. The snapshots don't represent the final looks of each piece since we'll need to make adjustments as we test fit and get a feel of the overall look, but they'll give you a good idea. This includes our maxi dress, sleeveless jumpsuit, and paperbag waist pants (yay!). 

Not to digress, but did I just say 3D prototypes? What the? 

Let me explain (trust me, it’s cool!).

Out of all the fashion brands out there, how many brands actually carry petite styles and sizing?

Not all that many, let me tell you. Now I know why. It isn’t easy to find apparel developers who have the experience or desire in creating petite clothing and sizing. 

If you read our previous post on the differences between petite clothing and regular clothing, you’ll see that there are multiple fit and proportion differences, including a shorter pant rise, inseam, and sleeves, as well as higher armholes and waistlines. Many traditional apparel developers are used to creating clothing that fits women between 5’5” and 5’8”, which has been the industry norm for a while now. 

So we knew we had to do things a bit differently, and go against that norm.

To take the guesswork out of creating petite clothing, we went with a solution for our first collection that provided two major pluses for us: 1) verifying that our styles will proportionately fit petites, and 2) reducing our environmental footprint.

Using a 3D petite avatar created with a real-life petite woman’s height and body measurements, we worked with a virtual prototyper to ensure that the patterns would fit on a petite woman. Using this method, we were able to visually see what our styles looked like on the petite avatar, and this made sure that the length and fit were perfect for our concentrated awesome ladies (think higher armholes, shorter pant inseam, etc.). Not only that, the virtual prototyper consistently works with high-end brands on designer styles, so let’s just say he knows a thing or two about high quality garment construction. We’d like to point out that since petites come in all different shapes and sizes, this method wasn’t going to guarantee a perfect proportional fit for all petites out there, but it sure beats the conventional approach and definitely gets us a step closer to serving our petite community better.

(Quick editor’s note: I should clarify that “patterns” here doesn’t mean your basic stripes and floral prints. In the fashion industry, it’s essentially a template with all the various parts of a garment that’s used to cut and assemble the initial prototype. It’s at this stage where length, fit, fabric, and design all come together in harmony. *And this is where we’d spin the mannequin around and say “voila!” in a very grandiose manner.) 

The coolest part? We were also able to visually see, on the renderings, the style elements that would help us petite gals look taller. We love a good slit on a maxi dress or higher waistline on our pants for that Kendall Jenner long legs look. Technology meets fashion, folks.

Petite clothing is what we do, but providing ethically made and eco-conscious outfits are our jam. By being able to see what we needed to change or improve on the 3D renders and petite avatar digitally, we were able to vastly cut down on having to adjust physical patterns and on producing multiple style samples (which tends to be a wasteful average of 5 samples in the industry). Ultimately, it also helped us cut back on fabric and materials used with each physical iteration we did not have to make. 

Saving the planet in the name of fashion, for the win!

We aren’t able to reveal the complete look of the styles just yet, as we are still making a few additional adjustments to them. But I still want to give you an idea of what they’ll look like. Now, are you ready for the sneak peeks?

Let’s start with a render of our maxi dress in black. It’ll be made with the most buttery soft micro-modal fabric you’ll literally want to sleep in… now showing a scoop neckline and adjustable strap ties. No more undergarments showing near the armholes!

Next up, our beloved sleeveless jumpsuit made with Tencel Lyocell twill, in both the sage and light mauve color. You can now see that they have a really smooth sweetheart neckline, a removable belt without the annoying and awkward belt loops, and feminine ruffles on the straps (*swoon).

Last but not least, our paperbag waist pants made with a Tencel Lyocell twill fabric, showing here in dark green. The ultra-flattering paperbag silhouette sits high on the waist, and the built-in belt ties everything together nicely, kind of like a bow on top of a nicely wrapped present. Did we mention that it’s going to have a partially elasticized waist? These are going to be your new fave pair of pants to look chic and be comfortable in wherever you go.

Like what you see? We’d love to hear from you. Email or DM us on Instagram (hit us up at @unseamthelabel, we love your love) to share your thoughts on our sneak peek renders. They’ll soon be brought to life, and coming soon to a petite woman near you. ;)

To challenging the status quo,