Behind the Seams: Production started and 'TOP' samples approved!

Behind the Seams: Production started and 'TOP' samples approved!
Hey petite queens, we're sharing some new and exciting 1st collection production updates today! 

What we've been working on:

First off, happy to say that all materials needed for production of The Emma Pants, The Natalie Jumpsuit, and The Stella Dress (in black) have been delivered and inspected to ensure the necessary counts and quality. 

Aside from that, in our last production update, we let you know that the navy fabric color for The Stella Dress was on backorder for mid-February. Our supplier let us know there's a delay on this due to the shipment being held up in customs, but that they should be receiving it in the next week or so. We'll keep you posted as we hear back on this. 

In the past 1.5 months, we also submitted our production orders and secured a spot on our production partner's calendar. After making some minor adjustments for a cleaner label stitch (to prevent thread colors from showing on the white labels), and adjustments to style lengths for our larger sizes (to ensure they fall at the appropriate length on petites), we started on production

Our production partner worked on our 'top of production' samples for each style. 'TOP' samples are the first pieces that are pulled from the production run to ensure all look good prior to bulk production. 

Next steps: 

We gave the green light on these samples just this past weekend (behind-the-scenes photo shown above), so the sewing team will now be able to sew the rest of the production pieces. We'll be doing another round of inspections, for quality assurance purposes, as additional units come off the line. 

As seen in:

We're also excited to share that we were recently featured in a digital sustainable fashion magazine called Global Garbs! Check us out and read the rest of the feature in the Issue 02 magazine article titled, "Building a Brand to Solve a Problem", by signing up for their email newsletter here.
More exciting news to come, 
Diana | Founder & fellow petite