Behind the Seams: Our Latest Production to Fulfillment Estimates

Behind the Seams: Our Latest Production to Fulfillment Estimates

Heyo petite queens,

We're here with another production update! Here's a quick summary below:

  • Our production team is working diligently to cut-and-sew, finish, and inspect all styles. For our Kickstarter campaign backers, happy to share that we're still on track to fulfill pre-orders in May 2021, as shared in our last Kickstarter update.
  • We've taken the extra step to pre-shrink the pant and jumpsuit styles, as this will help to provide a proper fit right when you receive the pieces and try them on (instead of having them shrink in the wash)! We found that this won't be necessary with the maxi dress given the low shrinkage found in our post-wash testing.
  • Lastly, we worked with the production team to ensure the garments were going to be properly ironed, folded, bagged, and labeled, so that they arrive to you in pristine condition.

For Kickstarter Pre-Orders of The Stella Dress in Navy: 

In our last Kickstarter update, we let you know that the navy fabric color for The Stella Dress was on backorder for mid-February. Since then, we expedited this fabric order right when the supplier received it at their warehouse, and have started on production.

Since we're ahead of schedule with this batch, we'll now be able to ship this style out to our Kickstarter backers in May 2021, along with the rest of the styles (*happy dance).

Heads up: Once we’ve received our shipments and fulfilled our Kickstarter pre-orders, we’ll have a limited quantity of styles and sizes available for purchase on our site. Stay tuned for that announcement on when that’s available!

We're getting close,
Diana | Founder & fellow petite


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