Answers to FAQs About the Kickstarter Pre-Order Process

Answers to FAQs About the Kickstarter Pre-Order Process

I’m sure some of you have a few questions about our Kickstarter and the pre-order process, so I wanted to provide my answers to a few FAQs we’ve been getting. 

Q: How does Kickstarter work and how do I pre-order? 

We’re glad you asked! You can check out our blog post here where we give you all the details on this. We’ve also made an easy-to-follow visual on our Instagram so you know exactly how to place your pre-order. 

Q: How do I pre-order 2 styles, or 2 of the same style? 

Click the ‘Back this Project’ button and select your desired Reward Tier. You can then select additional styles as add-ons, which will adjust your total pledge amount. 

Q: How much is shipping, and why are you only shipping to the U.S.? 

We’re currently only shipping to the U.S. while we work on getting better international shipping rates and so that we can ensure a smooth shipping process. If you’re not in the U.S., sign up for our email list to get notified when we do go international. 

All shipping costs and any applicable sales taxes will be collected after the campaign ends on 11/19, when we send out the post-campaign survey. You can expect U.S. shipping to be a $10 flat rate, and no extra cost for add-on items. If you’ve pledged for the Founding Patron reward, U.S. shipping is free! 

I want to be as helpful as possible, so please email and let me know if there’s anything else you may be wondering about - I’m all ears and here to help! 

Yours truly,

P.S. - Not interested in our styles but still want to support us? You can do so by pledging for the ‘Founding Patron’ reward to the right of our campaign page, or by forwarding our Kickstarter link to your petite friends. Thanks so much for helping us spread the word!