3 Reasons to Avoid the Kids’/Juniors’ Department as a Petite Woman

3 Reasons to Avoid the Kids’/Juniors’ Department as a Petite Woman

Heyo petite queens, listen - we get it. 

One of the biggest dilemmas us petites face is finding the right stores and brands to shop at, for clothing that proportionately fit us. When everyone else can find the pieces they need right off the rack, it’s harder for us to find petite-labeled clothing we actually like. That’s when some of us might turn to other areas of the store: The Kids’ or Juniors’ departments

If your petite frame as an adult woman more closely matches that of a junior, then this post may not be as relevant to you. But, if you’re resorting to shopping in those areas of the store since you feel like there’s nowhere else to look, take heed to these general reasons for why you may want to steer clear of the Kids’ or Juniors’ departments.

1. Style 

The styles you see in the Kids’/Juniors’ department are more-so designed for… well, kids and juniors! Oftentimes they won’t have the same kind of designs and styles you might be interested in as an adult petite woman (that is, unless those designs are your cup of tea - then by all means, do you petite queen!). This limits the style selection quite a bit, which can add another layer of difficulty and frustration when shopping for clothing. 

2. Work Attire and Formal Attire 

Similarly, it’s even harder to find certain kinds of clothing such as professional work or formal attire. Think about it… when was the last time you saw a kid or junior girl in a blazer or a full-on work suit? Even if you do happen to find an 'adult' version of the outfit you’re looking for, the quality of the materials may not be up to par as what you’d expect from a long-lasting woman’s garment that holds up through the years. 

3. All About the ‘Fit 

It’s just a matter of fact: The fit is just not the same in kids’/juniors’ clothing as it is in petite women’s clothing. Kids’/juniors’ clothing is designed to fit the proportions of a kid/junior’s physical characteristics and under-developed body - not an adult’s. For example, an adult petite woman may have a larger bust or hips that isn’t as likely to be present in a kid’s body frame. If you’ve ever thrown on a large kids’ size top over your head, you might find that the chest area doesn’t fit as comfortably, or the armpit area might still be too tight. 

I know it may seem more convenient to stroll up to the Kids’/Juniors’ department to pick up a few items, but we recommend that you aim to look for more proportionately fitting petite women’s clothing that’s made to last for maximum wear. Luckily, women’s clothing brands that do cater to petites do exist (like ours!).

Instead of resorting to the Kids’/Juniors’ section, look for petite women’s clothing brands that reflect your personal style, and offer a perfect fit for you.