The ever iconic Vivienne Westwood said it best when she proudly declared, “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” 

We like to think Vivienne was referring to the benefits of eco-friendly clothing and the effects it has on your wallet and environment. The fashion industry is notorious for consuming tons of environmental resources to create clothing, but it should be our job as consumers to be more mindful of what we choose to bring into our closets. 
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Heyo petite queens, listen - we get it. 

One of the biggest dilemmas us petites face is finding the right stores and brands to shop at, for clothing that proportionately fit us. When everyone else can find the pieces they need right off the rack, it’s harder for us to find petite-labeled clothing we actually like. That’s when some of us might turn to other areas of the store: The Kids’ or Juniors’ departments
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Hellooo Spring. 

It’s been a cold and trying winter where we are, but alas, it’s the time of year to pack away the thick leggings and wool sweaters we’ve grown so accustomed to and bring out one of our favorite, cheery pieces: Dresses. 

What’s a better way to celebrate the warming temps than with a proportioned, expressive dress? Although we love a good outfit switch up, reorganizing and glamming up our closets can be a pain to fit the new season. Things may fit a little differently after 3 months of hanging out at home, and what’s worse, shops and retailers can’t seem to size a petite’s dress properly in the first place. What a bummer before the summer. 

Just like how an iced coffee can completely save almost any situation, we got you with our Guide to Buying Dresses: Petite Edition
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